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Can you help? Looking for people who can help me out with some research.


My name is Lauren. I’m studying for a master’s degree in Town Planning at Newcastle University. I am here looking for people to interview via email, to help me gather data for my dissertation. My dissertation is a study of “Urban Subversion”.
It sounds more dramatic than it is. Basically by ‘urban subversion’ I mean: when people who do things in places that were not designed for the purpose. For example, skate boarders who chose to skate on the streets rather than in a skate park. Or anyone who does free running / parkour, lets face it there are few specifically designed places for that!

I am here specifically looking for people who flash mob:

I’m also interested in:
and Aggressive inline skating.
(So if you know anyone can you point them my way?)

Why do I want to know?

I’m interested in how people use the city. They live, work, and play there. What I’m really into is unusual uses of the space in cities. One mans street is another mans stage. The rail I might hold onto to go down some steps may also be a great place to do some stunts. Not every curb is ground by skaters, and not every wall has some guy vaulting over it. The question I want answered is why? Why do people choose specific sites to behave in certain ways? I think it’s an important thing to look into because a lot of councils try to stop people doing these things. I’m sure you’ve all seen curbs with notches on them to stop people grinding them. I’m approaching this from the position of: why try and stop people from doing these physical activities when the majority of councils are trying to encourage people to get fit? Also, it’s public space …right?

What do I want from you?

I’d like to email you some questions, they shouldn’t take long to answer, 30 mins max. They’ll basically be about what you look for in street spots. I can promise you anonymity; you can choose the name you will be referred to in my work. In return I’ll thank you (as that name) in my work and I will send you a copy of the “with thanks to” and the abstract from my work (the blurb about what I’ve written). I can’t send you the whole thing-the only people who are likely to see this finished are the people who mark it. I know it’s a big ask form a total stranger but I would really appreciate it and you would be helping me write something positive on flash mobbing and other urban activities.

If you can give me 30 mins to answer some questions please drop me a line to:

Answerlauren @

(Xposted like mad )

(TL:DR – I want to ask you some questions, send me an email if you’re up for it)
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