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GFM#2 on 19th June 2004 Are You IN???

This is a template which is placed at many web-sites all over the world...
There is neither America nor Canada represented in such event )=
Please, tell us, how to contact with American and Canadian mobstirs?

Look forward to hearing from you!

SATURDAY, JUNE 19th 2004

This event is dedicated to the first officially documented flashmob in the
world, which was performed on June 17th in Macy's Department Store in New
York city, USA. If you want to know more about this event, read this article,1284,59297,00.html.

On June 19, 2004 we celebrate 1 anniversary of Flashmob phenomenon. It will
be a SECOND GLOBAL FLASHMOB! All over the world at the same day at the same
local time mobbers will perform the same scene. Western and Eastern Europe,
Asia, Americas, Australia will be conducting one of the greatest event of
all times! The first who will read the Script Instructions and perform the
Global Flashmob will be New Zealand mobbers. The last ones - Los Angeles,

Our city (country) is participating too. In order to make the event the most
emotional and exciting, the Global Flashmob Organizers recommends not to
disclose the script in advance. The only thing which is already known that
the script will have 2 parts: first part will send us to classical
flashmobs, the second part will give us new mob experience.

If you want to participate in the largest flashmob that has ever been held -
the second Global Flashmob (GFM) - please leave your e-mail or sign up at
this site and write down the date: Saturday, June 19, approximately in 2

We will announce all further details several days before the GFM. Just keep

Also you can visit the GFM Headquarters here: or here: And see the list of GFM
participants here:
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